The Last Guardian Review Lite

The Last Guardian Review Lite

Reviewed by Marc

Worth The Wait


Gameplay: 8.5

+ Emotional and Immersive journey.
+ Trico is an amazing and believable companion.
+ littered with memorable moments.
– Occasion puzzle frustration.
– Camera can get wonky.


Controls: 6.5

– Archaic controls can feel cumbersome at times.
– Trico commands are occasionally unresponsive.
– No Option to turn off Button Prompts.


Visuals: 9.0

+ Beautiful art direction and Scale.
+ Trico animations / expressions are Life-Like.
+ Spectacular lighting and HDR showpiece.
+ Trico feathers!
– Rare Framerate hiccups on Pro.


Audio: 9.5

+ Sound Track is spectacular.
+ Trico’s noises range from cute to terrifying.

Closing Thoughts
This game is littered with memorable moments and Trico is the most Life-like companion I have ever experienced in a videogame. The bond you build with Trico is palpable, especially with me being an animal owner and lover. There were times when I would sit in awe just watching Trico doing his thing, feathers fluttering in the wind, purring, and making noises. It’s crazy how much personality Trico has. With beautiful art direction and an incredible sense of scale, the Nest is almost a character all it’s own. Even with it’s archaic controls and occasionally unresponsive Trico commands, The Last Guardian is an emotional and immersive journey that shouldn’t be missed.

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Game: The Last Guardian
Played on: PS4 Pro / 4K + HDR KS8000 TV
Review Copy: Purchased digitally on PSN ($59.99 US)

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