Forza Horizon 3 Review Lite

Forza Horizon 3 Review Lite

Reviewed by David

Rolling Thunder Down Under


Gameplay: 10.0

+ First and foremost it is a caRPG.
+ Leveling system is really cool.
+ Good variety of missions to do around the map.
+ Drivatars are actually a great bonus despite how much I make fun of them.
+ Assembling a crew of your AI “friends” (Drivatars).


Controls: 10.0

+ Nice tight control, makes driving a car with controller feel good.
+ Noticeable differences in how FWD vs AWD vs RWD control as well as varied driving surfaces (wet vs dry, pavement vs dirt).


Visuals: 10.0

+ Great visuals make the Australian outback feel alive.
+ Dirt and grime build up on the car the longer you are out.


Audio: 8.0

+ The variety of the radio stations.
– Playlists are pretty short and relatively forgettable.
– Not a fan of the Groove advertisement in the middle of playing a game I paid for.


Online / Multiplayer: 9.0

+ Seamless drop in drop out multiplayer.
+ Co-Op campaign is a fantastic addition.

Closing Thoughts
Forza Horizon 3 is my first foray into the series and I must say I have been missing out if the first two are anything like this one. Horizon 3 is the caRPG that I have been searching for ever since Need for Speed Undercover. I love the mechanics of building the Horizon Festival, on top of leveling up my driver’s skills and bonuses. I was unable to experience any of the HDR enhanced visuals. That being said, Playground Studios does an amazing job breathing life into the menagerie of Australian environments. Whether you’re cruising through a rural neighborhood, smashing down a sandy beach, or speeding along a busy city street, there’s always something to distract you from watching the road. The rain effects aren’t to the level of DriveClub but they are still quite impressive. I also appreciate the small details thrown into the game like dirt caking up on your car, and puddles forming in the potholes when it rains. It is a must buy for anyone who owns an Xbox One (Or PC)! Do yourself a favor, stop reading and hit the open road now, just remember to drive on the left side!

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Game: Forza Horizon 3
Played on: Xbox One S
Review Copy: Purchased (Ultimate Edition) ($99.99)

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