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Writing a biography for the internets to see is surprisingly hard, where do I even begin?  I have been gaming since as long as I can remember, and I believe I can honestly claim that I have played almost every console released in North America at least once.  My first console experience came on my older brother’s Atari 2600, and I have been hooked ever since.  For the longest time this was the only console allowed in our house due to some anger management issues (not pointing fingers but it wasn’t me).  Much like in China the console ban didn’t last forever, and I have been a bit of a console whore ever since.  As you will see from my list below I have owned a decent number of consoles over the years.  What’s even worse is I still have them all in working condition, yes I am a bit of a pack rat, but it’s going to make for a bad arse museum of gaming in my basement one day (ssshhh don’t tell my wife).  Like most every gamer out there I have always thought it would be pretty cool to be a game journalist, and since you are reading this I am betting you know what came next…

As you may have noticed from our podcasts and my economical bio I am a man of few words (perfect for blogging, right?!). If you need more details on my gaming history head over to Marc’s epic bio and read away. We grew up two and a half doors away so the story crossover is pretty uncanny.

Go Hawks!


20 questions with David

1. First gaming memory?
Playing Wizardry with my dad on his work computer.

2. PC or Console?
Console, tho I do dabble a bit on the PC, gotta get my RTS fix somewhere.

3. First console owned (not hand me down)?

4. Favorite controller of all time?
NES Max (what happened to controllers having cool names?)

5. Game you feel deserves a current gen remaster?

6. Sequel that needs to be made but likely never will?
Wave Race U

7. Shoot em up or Fighter?
Shoot ’em up

8. Mortal Kombat or Street Fighter?
Mortal Kombat wins …. TOASTY!!!

9. “Lawful Good” or “Chaotic Evil”?
Lawful Good

10.  Damage Per Second, Tank, or Support?

11. Magic or Physical damage?
If you are gonna do serious DPS gotta be magic all the way!

12. Greatest Hits or has to be original?
It’s usually day one for anything that catches my attention (instant gratification ftw!), but if I am late to the party Greatest Hits it is!

13. Great story with passable gameplay or Great gameplay with passable story?
Story is important but it won’t matter if you can’t play thru it.

14. Explore every nook and cranny for hidden items or breeze thru the level?
To say I am OCD about loot hunting is an understatement. G-D Riddler trophies!!!

15. Cheat codes?
Not since up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, b, a, start (Tho Marc and I have beaten Contra without it!)

16. Kid Dynamite or Mr. Dream?
Obviously Kid Dynamite

17. Arcade or Sim racing?
Been an Arcade racer since Daytona USA, tho I did devote quite a bit of time to Gran Turismo, what happened to the Racer Car mod??

18. Voluntarily level grind or wait till you get stuck?
As much fun as it is to get stuck on a boss fight, I think I’ll spend my time grinding while I scour for loot!

19. If you could experience a game or series again for the first time what would it be?
Metal Gear Solid … when did Snake bleach his hair??

20. Would you be a Ninja or a Samurai?
Walks like a Duck, Talks like a Duck, Must be a Ninja!


Consoles owned and favorite game for each

Console Favorite Game
Atari 2600 Frogger
NES Legend of Zelda / Mega Man 2
Game Boy Tetris
Genesis X-Men
Sega CD Jurassic Park
SNES Final Fantasy 3
Playstation 1 Final Fantasy 7
Nintendo 64 Wave Race
Playstation 2 Final Fantasy 10
GameCube Resident Evil 4
Xbox Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic
Xbox 360 Far Cry 3
Playstation Portable Final Fantasy 7: Core Crisis
Playstation 3 The Last of Us
Wii New Super Mario Bros.
3DS A Link Between Worlds
Playstation 4 TBD
Playstation Vita TBD


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