About Andre

I am very proud to be the newest member of the Rain City Gamers! Even though I’m not from Seattle, I do live in a city a couple hours north on the I-5, Vancouver, Canada where it rains….alot. So that counts, right?

My earliest gaming memory came with the NES, playing tons of Super Mario Brothers, Duck Hunt and NES Golf. For years, my dad used to tell us he was just borrowing the system from a “friend” and we only saw our console on special occasions. We moved around quite a bit during those years and became suspicious that every “friend” in a new town had the same 3 games. I guess that kept us from getting hooked on the thing.

I didn’t have much playtime with the 16Bit era, but my love for gaming really took off in the late 90s with my N64 and PC. Marathon Goldeneye sessions with friends and my first online experiences with Battlefield 1942. I also played a lot of Mario Golf, the early NHL series on PC, and Rollercoaster Tycoon.

My university days were my big Xbox years. I owned all three xbox consoles and really sunk my teeth into the NHL series, Grand Theft Auto, Red Dead Redemption, Halo and Call of Duty.

Only up until about three years ago did I really “diversify” how and where I play games. I build a gaming rig a couple years ago and have really gotten into PC gaming. I also became a huge fan of The Golf Club, A golf game (obviously) with a robust course designer. I reviewed other people’s courses on twitch, and started making my own well-received courses. To this date, I have created over 20 courses with around 60,000 plays between them. I am also an administrator of http://www.tgctours.com, an online tournament site/community for people that play The Golf Club. I also run the official twitch site of TGCTours, twitch.tv/tgctlive, where I play new courses and run contests with two other hosts, and play my tournament rounds live, right when they get released each week.

TGCTours is where I met Marc (Seamount4Life) and he graciously made me part of the team here. I stream whenever I get the chance on my personal channel . I play pretty much everything, from sports, to simulation games, to racing, to FPS. I now own both a PS4 and XB1 as well as a PC.

Outside of gaming, I am a high school science and math teacher. I have a lovely fiancee named Megan (getting married in July 2017), who is amazing and let’s me indulge in my gaming habit. I also have a lab/catahoula cross named Ellie. I love to golf, play hockey, walk my dog, read, and explore my hometown of Vancouver. I’m also a big Vancouver Canucks and Seattle Seahawks fan.

Again, very excited to be part of the team, and make sure you pop into my twitch stream if you get a chance. Who knows what I’ll be playing, and I usually do song requests, which are always a good time!